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Favorite Things: Listomania February 6, 2013

For my Type A self, it’s always fun to write lists. I do so almost everyday, either on paper or on Evernote, or even on my electronic post-it note app. Yes, it’s noted. I’m confused about my note-taking devices.

I also love to read lists on blogs, on Amazon, in magazines and brochures. My friends used to make fun of me for gathering pamphlets everywhere I go. I collect lists!

So, here are a few of my favorite things right now. They include the gamut of everything I find that is enjoyable, interesting, or beneficial to me right now:  in food, music, websites, books, and moments.

Here you go!

  • Baking cinnamon rolls. Who knew how easy they really are? You just have to have some time for the dough to rise, have un-expired yeast, and a good pan. Next time, I’m making them the night before and baking them first thing in the morning with my cuppa jo. Here’s the recipe I used last weekend from the blog Savory Sweet Life. A good recipe with great frosting. Next time, I’m going to up the salt a tad in the dough, but otherwise they were great.


  • The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease. It really is a treasury. I’ve had this book since my first child was a newborn. I’ve referenced it often and re-read parts of it many times, especially the research-based literature in the first half, which helps discuss in a Q & A format, the why/how/when to read-aloud.


  • Coconut Aminos. I’m loving this ingredient. So far, I’ve used it only in salad dressings. But I know it’ll be great in some Asian-flavored sauces for stir-frys. Anyone recommend any other dishes in which to use this nutrient-dense ingredient?


  • Best Coast. How can one song make you want to live in Los Angeles?
  • Hilah Cooking This successful Austinite is charismatic and fun and KNOWS how to teach cooking. Look for her new upcoming series on Cooking with Kids (featuring yours truly’s tots 🙂
  • Craft beer, but only the dark stouty caramelly ones. Can you tell I know my beer? I like a lot of them, but don’t know the names. Off the top of my head, I know I like Left Hand Milk Stout and 512 Pecan Porter. Ask the ladies at BitchBeer their favorites and read more about them!
  • Using jaggery (gol or gud in Gujarati/Hindi languages) in desserts. If you live in Austin, go eat at Lenoir! Pastry chef and owner Jessica Maher (with husband chef Todd Duplechan who has worked at Tabla restaurant in NYC) has creatively incorporated this mellow sugarcane gold known as jaggery into one of the restaurant’s desserts. She’s even providing me the recipe to teach in a class one day! I only wish I had taken a nice shot of that dessert. Ate too fast.


  • Goldfrapp‘s song Number 1. That’s for my hubby.
  • Crazy costumes. Enough said.



7 Responses to “Favorite Things: Listomania”

  1. amee Says:

    that was so fun!! i like these posts. LOVE the costume. love the cinnamon roll. will DL the song. my song right now is Favourite Thing by Yuna

    • shefskitchen Says:

      Oh I’ll need to look up that song. It was certainly a fun post to write; I think I’ll need to do them more often because later in the week, I came up with some new faves!

  2. Brittany Says:

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t focus after seeing those cinnamon rolls right away! YUM!

  3. Shah Bharat Says:

    I think you got this from me. I actually had a list of lists once…… dad We are free this weekend including friday. we could visit for a day or two. let us know. mom is getting important dental work done today. her ear ache is not continuous but seems like very painful when it erupts. may be it is related to the dental problem. she has already seen two ent specialists and hasn’t helped. call her about it.


  4. […] is my 2nd post on a list of my favorite things. So just to repeat here in case you missed it last time, for my Type A self, it’s always fun to write lists. I do so almost everyday, either on paper […]

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