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About Shef September 18, 2008

This entry will take me a long time to write. Feel free to preview, but more is coming. I’m honored that you’re here and I thank you for visiting!

A longtime cook. A new blogger. A part-time cooking instructor. A foodie and sometimes a gourmet. A bit of a baker.  A cookbook collector.  An avid reader.  A mom of 2 adorable and fantastic small children. A wife of an amazing husband.

A person in her mid-thirties still searching, at times foolishly, for her career path. Second career. She even wonders if she will go back to her first career, simultaneously working on Job 1 and Job 2.  Oh and there is Job 3 that pays very well, in the form of smiles and giggles and enlightening naivety.

A person who wants to do it all and live more than 100 years to get it all done.  A moderately healthy eater (speaking of living long) with a passion for sweets, eaten in purity and moderation. An all-scratch cook and baker. For the most part. (Remember Job 3?)

Please contact me at shef @ theshefskitchen dot com for any questions!


7 Responses to “About Shef”

  1. Saveena McLean Says:

    Hi Shefaly,

    My name is Saveena and I am a very good cook but never gone to school for it formally. I have taken lessons from chefs and cooking instructors but never formal schooling. I am a very good cook and I enjoy it so much that it is a very good de-stresser and happy thing for me.

    Where are you and what type of food do you enjoy cooking? Until my next comment, stay well and happy cooking 🙂

    with best regards

    • shefskitchen Says:

      Saveena, thanks for stopping by! You can visit my website for more information on the types of Indian cooking I teach and also additional recipes and miscellaneous info. Keep on cooking! Practice practice practice!

      • Saveena McLean Says:

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I already bookmarked your website and will review it as soon as I have some time to spare. I just scan through it and I am very excited to read through it attentively. I am East Indian from Guyana, South America. My grandparents and great grand parents came from Utar Pradesh, India many many years ago during slavery time for sugar, rice and cotton plantations ruled by the British in the West Indies and South America. I moved here from Guyana in 1990, had married and have children since that time too. I tried to maintain my heritage but inter-mingled it with some of the American and other cuisines my way(smiles), I would love to learn to make some real Indian dishes the right way and this is one of the main reasons for paying attention to your blog, website and twitter. I am not a graduated cook/chef but I have catered alot of events and also a very good cook. Due to my cancer all that has slowed down so now I am getting back on my feet slowly in the cooking area and thought I would take the time to learn something new and enjoyable. So I hope you understand my motive for taking an interest in your site. Thank you for your time and response.

        • shefskitchen Says:

          What a history you have and what culture you are bringing to your family in the way of food! I’m happy that you have found my website and blog and hope it continues to inspire you. Thanks and I wish you continued recovery!

  2. Good recipes on your blog. Would you interested in checking out the food pyramid website and give your opinion?

  3. Rina Patel Says:

    Hi, Can you tell where those metal lunch boxes are from that you featured in lunch box blues? They are so cute and I would love to get them for my two boys who are about to start school. Thanks!

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